equitable sustainable developments

Where, how and when we work is undergoing massive change. In response to those changes, we are witnessing emerging trends which will dramatically impact on the built environment and the workplace as we know it.

Through the Lifestyle Working concept, Stable is creating innovative new workplace environments that lead the way in a response to the challenges of balancing environmental, community, cultural and financial interests, in a world where responsible behavior is a cornerstone of investor, regulatory and employee stakeholder expectations.


How We Work

Stable has partnered with like-minded visionaries to create more productive, more adaptive workplaces. They include award-winning architects, interior designers, landscape architects and artists who are dedicated to finding new solutions that lead to a better work/life balance.

Together, we evolve integrated solutions where the best of design and technology meet. Through Stable IMS (Integrated Management Services), our property management arm, we also offer ongoing building management.


The Lifestyle Working approach is the result of in-depth research which shows that the work environment needs to offer a better balance of work and lifestyle. Doing so not only makes our daily lives more enjoyable, but also makes our businesses and our people more productive.

The community is also crying out for sustainable buildings using new technology to save energy and water to preserve resources for the future as well as creating a healthier workplace for workers and saving money on costly energy resources.

Lifestyle Working is a direct and planned response to these findings.


Stable connectivity is an essential element in 21st century working environments. Lifestyle Working delivers workplaces that are designed to exploit the full potential of sophisticated communications.

The result is a new work paradigm in which the ties to traditional notions of centralised head offices can be broken and a series of decentralised satellite offices closer to people’s homes becomes a practical alternative.